Thursday, March 17, 2011


     this is just me and my partner's work while in literature class. we were given a task of producing a synopsis of the "Gulp and Gasp" drama and we had to come out with 150-200 words only. hope you enjoy it :) 

           This story started with the conversation between Lord Septic and Crouch. Lord Septic was telling Crouch about his plan to own the railway line they'd been at that night. During the conversation, a flower-seller named Rose, came. Lord Septic asked Crouch to tell her to get off. Crouch then threw away Rose's flowers and then he left. Percy came and helped Rose. They shared each other stories. Percy then told Rose that he's an orphan and the only thing he had, is a key with letters NSL on it. They were about to hug when Crouch came back. They had a fight, and unfortunately, Percy was beaten by Lord Septic on his head. Till then, he was unconscious. Rose was tied down to the railway track, unknown that Percy had run away. While tying up Rose, Lord Septic reminisced the event of his father tying up Lady Gatsby to the same track. But then, it turned out Lady Gatsby is Percy's mother and Percy is the real owner of the railway track. All of a sudden, Percy came, managed to stop the train and save Rose. Lord Septic and Crouch were tied right after it. Rose told Percy the truth. Percy then proposed Rose and the two villains were left to be arrested. 

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